Monday, 3 July 2017

Leith Dock Terns

A successful trip was undertaken to the Leith Dock ternery to count common tern nests and to ring chicks during the visit on Saturday 17 June. A total of 995 nests were recorded in the main colony, with an additional ten on a separate jetty; amounting to a record total of 1005 apparently occupied nests (AONs). This is the highest count on record and is a large increase on last year with 720 AONs. 103 common tern chicks were ringed during the brief visit. (All photos Carmen & Euan Ferguson).
Ringing in the colony. Hard hats and hi-vis are required by the Ports Authority

The colony on the 'island' pier

John Davies closely monitors the colony, he organised and led the trip and captained the LRG dinghy!

Leaving the colony.

Huge thanks to John Davies for organising everything surrounding the session and to the team Laura, Carmen and Euan.

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  1. Good to know; first juv on Seton shore ystdy, 2 July, perhaps from another site as Northumbs Sandwich now arriving also with juvs...